Ô refuge di'vin

On the wine route of the heart of France



A short tour of the different vineyards located around the estate

On the wine route in the heart of France you will discover magnificent villages and their winegrowers who will introduce you to their wines accompanied by small Chavignol crottins.

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Dominating the Loire from the top of its ""piton"", Sancerre was predestined for viticulture. Over 14 communes, the Sancerre vineyard extends over magnificent hills perfectly suited to vines, well oriented, exposed and protected, whose limestone and siliceous soils contribute to the wonderful quality of the wines.

The two grape varieties that reign in Sancerre are Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir. The white wines are fresh, fine and fruity, the rosés tender and subtle, the reds fragrant and round.

●Pouilly Fumé

Nestled between Berry and Burgundy, on the right bank of the Loire in the heart of the Nivernais region, the Pouilly vineyard extends over 7 communes and nearly 1,430 hectares, where two grape varieties reign on the vines: Sauvignon blanc, called locally Blanc-Fumé, due to the thin layer of slightly smoked bloom which covers the grapes when ripe, and Chasselas, allowing the production of the AOC Pouilly sur Loire.

The vines benefit from a saving gentleness brought by the Loire and the setting sun, as they are mostly exposed due west. Sauvignon expresses all its freshness and its inimitable ""flint"" aroma given to it by the exceptional terroirs of Pouilly.

●Menetou Salon

Located on the outskirts of Bourges, between Pays Fort Sancerrois and Champagne Berrichonne, the Menetou-Salon vineyard covers 10 communes over approximately 600 hectares, and obtained the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée in 1959.

In the secondary era, the sea completely covered the Menetou-Salon region, forming in its depths limestone sediments very rich in shells and in particular in small comma-shaped oysters. A homogeneity of soils favorable to the development of Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir, giving the wines a beautiful and true identity.

●Coteau du Giennois

Between the Nièvre and the Loiret, the hillsides of Giennois extend for nearly 50 km, on the north bank of the Loire, between Gien and Cosne-sur-Loire. This vineyard is booming and offers authentic wines that reveal the originality of their terroir.


West of Bourges, in the heart of the Berry Champagne region, the vineyard extends along the edge of the plateau which dominates the Cher valley.

Recognized as the first Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée in the Loire Valley in 1936, Quincy today has nearly 350 hectares spread over two communes: Quincy and Brinay.

The vines are planted on an old terrace of the Cher, a terroir made up of sand and gravel, whose light soils heat up quickly under the sun's rays. This sedimentary origin, more or less clayey, gives the wines a unique taste where Sauvignon finds here, thanks to these exceptional terroirs, its most beautiful expressions.


Reuilly is located in the departments of Indre and Cher, the Reuilly vineyard extends over 299 hectares.

Planted on gently sloping hillsides, the vines flourish on limestone marl soils, overlooked by sunny sand and gravel terraces. These exposures, along the banks of the Arnon and the Cher, confirm the expression of beautifully mature wines.