Ô refuge di'vin

Breakfasts and meals

We offer a traditional sweet breakfast with pastries, bread, pane cakes, yogurts and compotes, fresh fruit and different fruit juices.

Coffee, cappuccino, latte machiatto, milk chocolate, different flavors of tea...

On request when booking we can prepare a savory brunch with cold meats, cheese and scrambled eggs.


For the meal we offer bocage jars

The recipes are made from carefully selected fresh products which always favor short circuits and French agriculture.

Simmered for a long time and canned without any additives, they retain all their taste and nutritional qualities and can be stored at room temperature for 3 years!

- rillettes and terrine

- entrances

- more than 15 dishes to choose from (meat, fish and vegetarian)

- gourmet desserts...